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Office Cleaning in Savannah for Halloween. You too can have a clean Halloween!

Office Clean, Savannah Halloween! America’s most haunted city!

Halloween has evolved over thousands of years and continues to change as each generation creates and passes down new traditions. Like many of our childhood nursery rhymes Halloween has darker roots than what we now view as a day of dressing up and asking for candy. Traditions go as far back as the Middle Ages; however, they share a resemblance to the American Trick-or-Treating that we have all grown to love.

Halloween (All Hallows Eve) is the day before all Saints day, catholic holiday that recognizes and celebrates the lives of Saints and Martyrs. This night also represents an ending to the summer and the beginning of Harvest.

Your friendly witch

Have a Clean Halloween


The US is a young country compared to most, aprox 229 years old if we go off the declaration of Independence, so we have picked up on Halloween a little late in the game, only to see it flourish in the 1920’s. To us it has become the first holiday in the fall to kick off the holiday season; the beginning of cold weather, pumpkins, feasts and office parties.

It also means pulling out decorations lost in the abyss we call the garage or storage closets from work, shopping for costumes and planning those big office parties. As much as we love our holidays they create more work.

Tips on a clean office and clutter free Savannah Halloween

  • To keep organized try using color coded bins, such as, black or orange for Halloween. A good 2nd choice is a clear bin so you don’t have to try and pry it open when other things may be stacked on top of. This way you know exactly what bins to go for without the hassle of opening each one.
  • Clean your office before decorating; this is also a great opportunity to de-clutter. Maybe pack some things away until the holidays are over. Also, I great way to encourage that one messy coworker to pick up the slack!
  • A deep clean doesn’t need to be done more than once every two weeks if every other day small things are done. Having a professional cleaning company helps at the office so the focus stays where needed!
    • Dusting/ Keep one tool to dust multi-surfaces to eliminate too much clutter
    • Vacuuming
    • Wipe down the surfaces in the bathrooms
  • After the office party, make sure your office cleaners are aware of the extra cleanup they will have to endure; a good commercial cleaning company will already be prepared for this.
  • When the holiday is over take the time to organize as you put decorations away. The more organized we are at putting them away, the easier it will be next year.
  • Repeat all these steps right away because here comes Thanksgiving!

Having a fantastic Halloween and sticking with a holiday that has now become a part of our rich American history is important for our moral wellbeing, just remember not to get overwhelmed and stay clean!!  

The last thing busy working Americans want to think of….

Our work environments have become our homes away from home. It is a known and recorded fact that Americans work more than anyone. If we as Americans are working so much, what type of environments have we been exposing ourselves to?

If we are clean/neat freaks at home are we keeping up with that mentality at our home away from home? Or are we exposing ourselves to bacteria that has been left to multiply? As children most of were told that a little dirt wouldn’t hurt us and to a certain degree there is no argument there. However, when we talk about our offices we are talking about a different type of dirt. Everything is trapped inside creating essential breeding grounds for bacteria.

Without even realizing it we are neglecting to protect ourselves from all of the bacteria our offices house. Because we pay attention to the germs on our toilet seats, and clean them on a more regular basis, they are cleaner then the surface of our desks. Studies have found that our desks are 400 times dirtier then the surface of a toilet seat.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, each day that passes the Bacteria multiplies. Every day that we decide a regular cleaning is not necessary it increases 31%. It is important to disinfect to keep this number down and if it’s done on a regular basis it will prevent the bacteria from growing back as rapidly.

Office phones need to be considered, but it doesn’t stop with just the office phones our cell phones that come in contact with our hands and faces, are just as bad. And the phones we share should be the first ones to be disinfected.

Sometimes it is easy to point out the “dirty” coworker, the ones that eat at their desks and leave the dishes around, that sneeze and cough all over everything, the coworker that has no consideration for others. Our work can end up being judged by the office space we keep so it is important to maintain our work areas to keep a healthy office as well as it not effecting job performance. This is another example of why you should be neglecting to disinfect your work surfaces.

Although, we all like to believe that we are such diligent workers that coming to work when we are sick is a good thing; unfortunately, we then put the entire office at rick of catching what we have.

The health benefits of keeping a clean office could mean something different for everyone. It could mean that finally everyone’s desk is as clean as yours and that fewer colds are going around the office so finally sick days can be saved for fun days.

A good start to a clean office and a healthy you, is to keep hand sanitizer handy, wash your hands, keep your work surfaces clean as well as maintaining the spaces that need deep cleaning, and avoid eating at your desk.

It is said that it is easier to keep a clean space clean and even better if it is left to the professionals!  

Why Go Local for your Commercial Cleaning Company?

Here are a few links to help you decide if you should choose a local company for your Commercial Cleaning needs.  If price is all you care about, then do not read any further!


THE JANITORIAL AGENCY Franchise Lawsuit Alleges Fraud, Racketeering – Unhappy Franchisee : Unhappy Franchisee.






Associated Cleaning Services: Overview | LinkedIn

Associated Cleaning Services: Overview | LinkedIn.


Hey!  ACS is now on LinkedIn!   Learn more about our office cleaning services.  We do it all!    Check us out.

Professional Office Cleaning- Facts Behind The Myths

Myth – A clean office is a sanitized and healthy office.

germs at work

Fact – An office that appears clean, does not mean it is sanitized.
Cleaning a surfaces Dose NOT make it sanitized

Let’s start with using Webster’s to define the two terms.

Clean– free from dirt, marks or stains; so as to be free from dirt,
marks, or unwanted matter; make free of dirt, marks, or mess,
esp. by washing wiping or brushing.

Sanitize – to make more acceptable by killing 99.9% of microbes;
to remove unpleasant or offensive features from.

Basically cleaning makes its pretty, sanitizing makes it healthy.

Myth – When a commercial cleaning company wipes down everything, they are disinfecting surfaces”.

Fact – Because it is more cost effective, most professional office cleaners use a basic general cleaner and focus on “cleaning” your business; getting rid of dust, making things shiny and pleasant to look at. The problem is that most general cleaners used only lift dirt from the surface, leaving behind germs and bacteria. It does not contain the ingredients needed to destroy and kill these harmful microbes.

Associated Cleaning Services understands the importance of having a sanitized workplace and how this relates to work productivity and employee morale. We use a three level system that insures your business is clean, sanitized and disinfected. http://www.pacificfacilityservices.com/cleaning-right

Myth – Keeping my business sanitized does not affect my bottom line.

Fact – According to the Bureau of Labor, American businesses lose an average of 2.8 million workdays each year due to unplanned absences – costing more than $74 billion.  Of that total, nearly $55 billion can be contributed to illness.

Labor Sick Chart

By using a professional cleaning  company Like ACS, who understands the importance of have a sanitized and healthy workplace, you can significantly reduce the frequency with which germs are spread through the office, helping curtail sick days and dramatically cutting associated absence expenses.

Contact Associated Cleaning Services today and let us help, our job is to ensure that your business stays clean AND healthy. ACS has the skill and supplies needed to stop the spread of flu and cold germs, pollen that can cause allergic reactions and other harmful bacterial that can be left behind.

How to Choose a Cleaning Company – the dirty truth!

First, lets just get this out in the open.  Hiring a cleaning company is not as easy as it seems.  Understand that you are embarking on a long-term relationship that will have its ups and downs.   What you are hoping for is consistent quality, adherence to the agreed upon schedule, a professional relationship and all this, at a fair price.   You’ll notice that I didn’t say “cheap”.  So lets walk through the steps.


Get at least 3 bids. I know this is a no-brainer but beware!  


  • Google them, visit their website, make sure that they actually have a physical location and are not working out of their car.  This part goes a long way toward determining consistency.  
  • Google them for lawsuits or complaints by customers and contractors.
  • Do they hire their employees or do they sub-contract them?  If they sub-contract them,  this is a big red flag.   A contractor cannot be treated like an employee, that is the law.  This could have an impact on their quality, schedule and use of even additional contractors that you don’t know.
  • Choose a local company who is strong in the area.  A local company doesn’t have a team of attorneys waiting to pounce on you if you want to end the contract due to breach.
  • Find out how long they have been in business.  
  • Do they use professional grade equipment?
  • Are they a green company?
  • What is the quality inspection process?  Do they even have one?
  • Do they have a warehouse and a real office that you can come and visit?  
  • Are they bonded and insured?  
  • Who will cover the cleaning when the regular cleaner is sick?  
  • Do they do background and security checks on all their staff?  The person that ultimately cleans your office needs to be trusted. 
  • Ask them for 3 references.  Good references!  Not Uncle Fred or Aunt Gilda.  The should be business’s they are currently cleaning and perhaps is similar to yours.
  • Make them provide a copy of the contract with the bid.
  • The bidding commercial cleaning firm should supply a Work Specifications sheet customized for your building.  Basically it breaks down all the tasks to be completed each day, week, month, quarter and year.  Associated Cleaning is happy to provide you with examples.  This specification sheet can be modified to match your budget and your goals for cleanliness.    A good company will sit down with you and partner to come up with work specs that make sense.  If you have no clue on this, allow the them to build it for you and produce not only a cleaning plan but a floor schedule as well.


Now you select WHO will be invited to bid on your building.


  • Have them come to your office one by one, to do a walk-through of the business.  It is best not to have them all show up at the same time.  You’ll get a feel for the company without their competition present.  Show them everything that will need to be cleaned.  Let them have time after the walk-through to take measurements.
  • As they are leaving, set the date for receiving all the bids.  Ask that they provide a work specification sheet.   Believe it or not, this little question will tell you a lot.
  • Finally, after each walk-through make notes about each company.  How did they represent their company?  Did they ask questions?  Were they good questions? Your overall impression is important!


The Contract:   I know the first thing you’re going to do is flip to the back page to look at the amounts.  I would too…. but…


    • Take a good look at the overall quality of the material you just received.  This package is a reflection on the company and indicates how seriously they present their business.
    • Did they include the references of business’s they are cleaning now?
    • Do they have a brochure?
    • Are they currently cleaning a business that is similar to yours?  Can you contact them? Can you visit the location?  Some you won’t be able to visit but ask anyway.  I know this sounds extreme but believe me, some of these references will be fluff otherwise known by my military friends as Bravo Sierra!
    • Finally the contract.  Read it carefully!   Some contracts in the cleaning business are next to impossible to get out of.  Pay attention to penalties your company might have to pay if you have to fire them.  A good contract will require a 30 day notice to terminate the relationship for any reason.  It may also required that if the termination is for poor performance, a warning is issued by the customer and the cleaning  company is given a reasonable amount of time to make corrections.  Usually this depends upon the severity of the breach.


The Price:  Okay, the old expression that you “get what you pay for” is very very true with cleaning companies.


  • If a price seem too low, that will be a problem.   Let me explain.
  • Cleaning companies all have one thing in common when it comes to bidding.  The formula.  Labor+overhead (includes taxes, inspections, insurance, gas, travel time for the cleaner, building expenses and more) minus – total price is the profit margin.
  •  The other thing they have in common is the simple truth that every building has a production rate that is based upon your cleaning list of requirement or also known as work specifications.  The person who owns five acres of land will pay more to have it mowed than the one that has small patch in the front yard.  Throw in trimming the hedges every week, planting some flowers and pulling weeds by hand and you now have a bigger yard maintenance bill.  The same with cleaning.  For example wiping down the blinds every night is unnecessary and drives your costs up.  So build your work specifications carefully.  Remember, this is commercial cleaning, not residential.
  • In the end, unless they have cloned “The Flash” (DC Comic book hero who is incredibly fast) then every company is working from the same requirements.
  • Therefore, the speed that someone can clean otherwise known as the  production rate  does not change.   There is only one way to get around that, cheat on the work specifications.  OMG!  Is he saying that some companies plan to disregard my work specifications?  Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.


Ok, here are some questions you can ask the company’s that make the short list.  Most of the important questions are above.  Just use it as a check list.


  • How many hours a night will you be in my office cleaning?  This will give you the production rate that I talked about.  If they say 3 hours a night ask yourself if that sounds reasonable.
  • Then ask how they can prove that their person was there for 3 hours each night.  A good company has a time keeping system that is usually telephone based.  They check in and out at the appropriate times.
  • How long will it take for you to start or do you already have someone that can begin immediately?
  •  I will need your certificate of insurances and bonding.
  • Is this the best price you can give me?

So, here’s the deal.  Going through this process is arduous but even if you only use half my advice you will end up with a great relationship with your cleaning company.  Contact us to be included in your upcoming bid process.    You won’t be sorry!  Thank you for your precious time!

Kathleen McGinley Owner of Associated Cleaning Services.  888-254-3486  or request on online quote (takes 3 minutes)  click here!  

Business Cleanliness Impacts Bottom Line

A clean business gives the right first impression.

A clean business gives the right first impression.

In today’s economy businesses are looking to cut costs wherever possible, often professional cleaning services are the first expense to be cut. The dirty bottom line is that by not using a professional cleaning company any expense you would save can be outweighed by revenue you could lose.

We have all heard the term “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, this fact if never more relevant than with business interactions. The first impression that the cleanliness of your business gives can make or break a possible business transaction.

An unclean business can lead people to jump to the decision that you are careless, dirty and unkempt. A survey by Bradley Corporation showed that 62% think that an unclean business suffers from poor management overall. Another survey by Cintas Corporation showed that 79% of people would avoid a business because of the state of their facility. This is a prime example of how an unclean business can negatively ruin a potential client’s first impression of your business and cost you revenue.

So, now you’re thinking “We can perform our own cleaning” – this plan affects your bottom line even further by adding back expenses. The time your employee’s spend on cleaning tasks is time taken away from performing their duties that help generate profit as well as adding man hours. And because they are not professional office cleaners, the cleaning performed is often substandard at best, which takes you right back to first impressions….

Associated Cleaning Services has the proven experience to ensure that the first impression your business gives it the one that you have worked hard to create.  ACS brings the latest technology and techniques of commercial cleaning to your business. Our office cleaning staff knows the importance of detail cleaning and sanitation– understanding that “surface cleaning” techniques often used by commercial cleaners don’t cut it. With ACS our success is based on your success and the first impression your business gives is the same first impression our business gives.

Contact Associated Cleaning Services today for a free quote – we can help you keep your bottom line clean!

Dust Off Your Business With Spring Cleaning


                                         “Today is spring cleaning day here at Dunder Miffin.

                                                 And yes I know its January…..

                                                       But, if you do your spring cleaning in January;

                                                              guess what you don’t do in spring?


                                                                                                                       ~ The Office


As silly as it may seem to do Spring cleaning in January, the idea of Spring cleaning your business is the perfect way to achieve a renewed outlook and focus for your organization.   The excitement and energy that comes with the spring blooms will only last so long.  So take advantage of that energy to get your business in order and back on track.

Spring cleaning your business is not like Spring cleaning your home.   The goal of business Spring cleaning is to declutter, improve, revisit and reinvigorate.  Below are some tips to help give your business a blooming start.

Weed Your Files  

Many of us get so caught up in our day to day business activities that we never notice the amount of unnecessary files we have shoved in our file cabinets.  Many files that you are holding on to can be shredded or placed into storage.


  • Want to hold on to old client files – but do they need to be taking up space in your drawers – No.  Consider scanning them into a digital file or placing them into   long term storage.


  • Old employee and applicant files  – employment files only need to be kept for 2 years after the end of the employment relationship, after that there is no need to keep the files on hand.  Applicant files only need to be kept for 2 years, so shred the ones that you still have from 5 years ago. Then start a system of filing applications by month so that after the two year duration, you can easily pull and shred the entire month.


Pluck your PC

Your clutter does not end with your file cabinet, your PC clutters over time as well.  This clutter can not only cause your computer to drag, but can also make it difficult for you to find and retrieve needed information.


  • Categorize and File into Folders – do you have 20, 50 , 100 documents sitting on your hard drive?  Like the papers on your desk, putting these into file folders makes them easier to find and retrieve.  Just like you would create a file named “Marketing” for proofs of marketing material, create the same for your digital files.  This way you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.


  • Browser Bookmarks – how many bookmarks do you have that you no longer need.  You purchased that software that you did research on or you no longer use a particular online vendor.  However, you still have the sites used for these bookmarked.  Keep your bookmarks clean and organized by getting rid of those you no longer need.


 Water Your Website

Take a fresh look at your business website.  How does it compare with other companies in the same line of business?  Are you using all the tools available to you to make the most of your website, tools like blogs, lead capture devices, social media?  It is 2013 but you still have customer testimonials from 2001?  The technology world is constantly changing, if you have not taken a fresh look at your website in over year, the chances are you’re not doing all that you can to drive people to your site!


Grow Your New Business Garden

Now that you have weeded, plucked and watered, take this momentum and grow something new.  Look at new marketing ideas to spruce up your business, work with new vendors and engage in new services.  Use Associated Cleaning Services for professional commercial cleaning to get your business looking great.  Open your windows and enjoy the fresh air that comes with a revitalized business.

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